When passion for film is priceless

I spoke with a friend recently about going on shows without pay and without a contract and was told – we do it for the exposure and to further our brand.  This made me think, a lot. While those things are helpful, that is never the reason I go on shows without pay or without a contract. I do it because I love it. In fact, in most instances I am paying for my own makeup to be done in order to look my best on shows.  I consciously buy clothing that I like but that would also look presentable on camera if invited to be on a show.

Money isn’t the only thing that I have sacrificed to work for free, time is also being sacrificed. As a mother, I have to prep in advance when I am going to be away from my family and doing so can also mean needing to pay for a babysitter for my children which, once again, costs money.  I’ve spent a lot of money to do things for free for others and it’s because I love talking about movies and I love talking with others about movies.  For me, it isn’t about the exposure, it’s about being with people that love film and the energy and high I get from talking with other movie enthusiasts. In conclusion, doing what I do doesn’t pay (for now), in fact, it is the opposite, but the reward I receive in spending time and forging relationships with others that have a similar passion for film is priceless.