Experts Need Not Apply

I’m not an expert – in pretty much anything. I find that in this world, there are very few “experts” in certain areas. Unless you have a Phd or have published a book, or print article on something, you are hardly an expert. I do believe that people can be gifted or skilled in a certain area and not be labeled “expert.” We tend to throw around the word easily, so when someone is looking for an expert in something I laugh and think, good luck to you.

I’m proud to not be an expert, because this allows me to constantly be learning. This also provides for a more well rounded life experience. ¬†While I love movies to an unhealthy level, movies aren’t the only thing that I love and and know about.

When I first became interested in film, I was already in my sophomore year of high school which meant I had a lot of movies to catch up on. Where as most movie lovers would spend their days watching movies and reading about movies, I would spend most of my days at dance practice, theater practice, and doing homework for school which meant there was limited time to watch films. By the time I was out of college I was finally able to regularly go to the theater and watch films at home.

Now I’m at a point in my life where I have other adult duties to take care of during the day. Since I am a stay-at-home-mom and content creator, I find I have exactly 2 hours after my children go to bed to devote to watching movies. While this isn’t much, I find that because of all of this, I am a more well rounded movie goer and pundit. I don’t know it all, but there is beauty in learning from others – which is why I love my YouTube channel. It is a place to learn about movies and a place for me to learn from the audience which provides a dichotomy that is different than other channels that talk about film.

What you can count on from me is that I will always be real and raw with you. While I work hard to be informed about what I discuss, I will also be honest with you – whereas other people may try to fake it, I take pride in being myself and letting you know when I don’t know something or letting you know when I feel short sided by Hollywood. So I hope you will join me on the journey that is the Miss Movies YouTube Channel.

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